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Internet Solutions

NetTarius is certified to install many innovative technologies. We have partnered with some of the top companies in the country to deliver the next generation of Internet services. Because of our background experience in system integration we have the know how to bring "cost effective" solutions to every unique situation.

Take a look into our tool bag:
  • Fiber - Aerial, Burial, to the Curve, Building, Unit, House, and Business 

  • Fixed Wireless - Building to Building, Business to Business, Person to Person, Mesh, Point to Multi Point and Point to Point

  • Wireless - WWAN, WMAN, WCAN, WiFi Hot Spots, Gigabit-WiFi, Bluetooth, PCS, LTE, WiMAX, 5G, zWave

  • Power line - Single, Multi, Triple and Quad Phase connectivity

  • Coaxial - Ethernet over Coax, Coaxial to Fiber, Wireless to Coaxial

  • Satellite - DIRECTV, Dish Network, Head end Solutions

Internet Tools

Building next generation Gigabit WiFi networks is our true passion. 

Gigabit WiFi Solutions

Gigabit WiFi Solutions
  • Municipal WiFi Networks

  • Business WiFi Networks

  • MDU WiFi Networks

  • Home WiFi Networks

  • School WiFi Networks

  • Public WiFi Networks

  • Healthcare WiFi Networks

  • Housing Authority WiFi Networks

We show you how to save money using the latest video internet streaming services

IP+ TV Streaming Solutions

IP TV Streaming Solutions

Imagine a service that allows you to choose your own channel lineup, with the ability to include over the air free TV, incorporate internet streaming services such as Hulu, Roku, NetFlex, Amazon, Google, Apple TV and CetFlicTV services, all from one set top box. No limits on how many devices can use the services all over our NetTarius Internet Bundled with no contract..

IP+ Phone Solutions

IP Phone Solutions
With the emergence of IP Phone technology, delivering high quality digital services is much more affordable.

Choose a plan that works best for you .  Our calling plans offer standard calling features like call waiting, caller ID and 3-way calling, as well as the more advanced features you might need. Want unlimited long distance? We can do it and you can enjoy the freedom unlimited long distance will bring. Don’t call many people out of your local calling area, no problem, we can offer you a local calling plan that costs less than the big guys. 

And because we are providing you television and Internet too, Bundling with the telephone will save you even more. 

No matter which plan you choose, you'll always enjoy great sound quality and the most reliable connection with telephone services from NetTarius.

Peace of Mind! Whether you have an existing smart home or are looking to start one.

Home and Business Automation 

IoT Automation Solutions

To start, NetTarius Helps provides peace of mind so you know your home or business is secure, no matter where you are. A NetTarius smart solution can save you money with energy savings – no more lights being left on or AC running on high when you’re not home. 


  • With the touch of one button you can shut down your house when you leave – lock the doors, turn off lights and close garage door.

  • DeLaw means security – knowing you’ll receive an alert if there is any trouble at home – water leak, fire alarm, potential break-in, or more.

Access & Control from Anywhere

Stay Connected to your smart home or business even while you are away. Know what is happening in your smart home or business while you are away. On demand connectivity to your Smart Home or business keeps you notified so you will always know what is happening at your home or business.

Home & Business Security

Video Security

Your Smart Place Alerts you if Something goes Wrong

Receive alerts when there are leaks, smoke or other problems so you can prevent further damage immediately. Monitor and control security systems, lighting, and thermostats at your place.

You can't be in two places at once physically, but you certainly can electronically. With a Smart Home or business security system and a smartphone you can stay connected to your home or business making sure it is safe at all times.  You can even automate your business or home to make it lock lived in while you are miles away.

One Touch Panic Buttons

Keep your loved ones secure with One Touch buttons in the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Have peace of mind knowing that if your family needs help, they can get it immediately with One Touch panic buttons within your smart home.

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